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Organ Lamp

Parlor Lamp

Tulip Desk Lamp

Art Deco - G-L-04a

Flair with Silver Filigree G-L-04b

Crystal with Tiffany Shade G-L-04c

Green Jade Base G-L-04d

Art Deco Tube G-L-04e

Blown Glass G-L-04f

Crystal with Internal Flower G-L-04g

Bronze Glass G-L-04h

Pink Quartz Vase G-L-04i

Pierced Metal Tube ----- G-L-04j

Silver Tube G-L-04k

Carved Wood Base Lamps G-L-07

Carved Base Floor Lamp G-L-07-F

Carved Base Special ---- G-L-07sp

Tall Owl w/ Globe G-L-08

Carved Owl w/ Globe -- G-L-08s

Oil Lamp G-L-10

Victorian Parlor Lamp -- G-L-13

Tall Blown Glass Lamp -- G-L-16

Tiffany Floor

Contemporary Caroline

Bridge Lamp

Torchère Information




Baroque Table Lamp

Contemporary Marble Base

Contemporary Glass Lamp

Oval Office

Tiffany Variations

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