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Special Pendant Light



G-C-37-SP  Pendant Glass                                      size:  varies        1 light              

    Although each of our pendant lights is a unique light, These hanging lights so special and unique, they are in a category by themselves. The glass is hand made by American or Murano glass artisans, I have designed them with gold or silver plated fittings. Each piece of blown glass is a unique object and the fittings are made to promote its beauty. You can hang them straight or use a long chain and swag them. The unusual shaped glass pieces have been a unique experience, working with the artisan to get the size and shape I needed for the light. The Murano pieces I only see once in a while and they are not the same color or size. The pink shown here has a tsop covering of gold leaf crackled on the surface of the glass. I also have some with silver leaf that I have not completed yet.




Price: 50.00

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