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Chandeliers & Ceiling lights – Half inch scale (1:24)


       All 1:24 scale (one half inch to one foot ) chandeliers have the following characteristics:


1.  Replaceable 12 volt incandescent bulbs or             LED lights. The LED lights can be either 3 volt       running on battery or 12 volt universal which         means they can run on 12 volt battery or on         regular dollhouse wiring.  (However, all of the       chandeliers can be made with no electrification)

2.  Plating:

        a. 22 K gold parts on golden chandeliers

            b. False rhodium – Non-Tarnish Silver on                       silver colored chandeliers

            c. Other finishes described on individual                         chandeliers where they apply

3.   Sizes are approximate since all are hand-made         and may vary. The sizes are rounded to               the 1/8"

4.   Half scale chandeliers are given the designation       H-C-xx



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