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5-Arm Rustic



H-C-20 5-arm Rustic chandelier                                  size:                  5 candles


      A 5 candle "wrought iron" hanging fixture in black iron, antique tin or antique copper finish -This is the perfect light for Country, Victorian, American, Medieval or other Rustic settings. The chandeliers have a pipe in the center connected to a chain that goes to the ceiling. The candle dishes are simple funnel shapes. This chandelier is available with or without lit candles.


H-C-20 5-arm Rustic chandelier - non-electric  -                  has 5 unlit candles - one on the                          end of each arm.                  $80.00

H-C-20e 5-arm Rustic chandelier-lit - This is                       the same chandelier but with 5 electric                 candles - one on the end of each arm.  

    Lights can be either incandescent or LED.

   (LED lights - can be wired for 3v or 12volts)                                              $140.00



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