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H-C-04 - Sarah                                             Size:         1 or 6 lights       


     Sarah is available with one light in the center column or with 6 lit candles on the ends of each arm. This popular chandelier is basically the same as G-C-10, but has been designed for 1:24 scale (half scale). Hanging from the golden loops of the arms are Swarovsky crystal disks, that capture the light and sparkle with brilliance.


     H-C-04-1 has 6 unlit candles - one on the end of each arm. In the center column, it has one light  which sparkles through the filigree of the column.               $80.00

     H-C-04-6 is the same chandelier with 6 electric candles - one on the end of each arm.                   $150.00

Lights can be either incandescent or LED.

(LED lights - can be wired for 3v or 12volts)


Price: 150.00

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