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3 Globe Victorian



Q-C-02 - 3 Globe Victorian Chandelier  -                       Body size: 1/2" H x 9/16" D.   0 or 3 working lights


        A typical three-armed chandelier suitable for the Victorian parlor or sitting room, attached to a chain and ceiling canopy - The fluted column is topped with a small crown. A globe sits on each of three arms. The globes may be frosted, clear, iridescent, or amber frosted or clear. Available with a black body instead of the gold.


Q-C-02 - no lights - This is the chandelier described above        with non-working lights. You have the choices                  mentioned above for it.                       $15.00


Q-C-02e - 3 lights - This chandelier has a working                    3v LED or a 1.5V light in each globe.       $45.00                                                                           


Price: 0.00

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