Five Arm Rustic

Five Arm Rustic

Five Arm Rustic

G-C-29 – 5-arm Rustic Chandelier                               

 size:  2-3/4” H x 2” D           5 lights

     A five candle faux wrought iron hanging fixture in black iron, antique tin or antique copper finish -This is the perfect light for Country, Victorian, American, Medieval or other Rustic settings. The chandeliers have a pipe in the center connected to a chain that goes to the ceiling.

G-C-29a-5 candle dishes are simple funnel shapes.                     Price: $140.00 

    G-C-29b-The candle dishes are ribbed saucers with ringed                candle sockets

(same as the dishes in G-C-28b)   (not pictured) $140.00)

    G-C-29c-Candles are inside chimneys in gold bases                     $165.00

    G-C-29s-The candle dishes are simple funnel shapes                  with shades on the candles     $175.00