Flambeau Sconce

Flambeau Sconce

Q-S-22   Rustic sconces for a castle or other unique setting – Rolled filigree cones set at an angle into the backplate. Finished in an antique metal or in 22K gold for the wealthier setting – They can be electrified with 1.5v bulbs or LEDs Price: 10.00

Q-S-22 – Antique metal finish   $10.00 pr

Q-S-22g – 22K gold plated   $10.00 pr.

Q-S-22e – Antique metal finish – electrified   $25.00 pr

Q-S-22ge 22K gold plated electrified   $25.00 pr.

size: 3/8″ H x 5/16″ w