Pendant Venetian Glass L

Pendant Venetian Glass L

G-C-37–  Pendant Venetian Glass                                   

  size:  varies        1 light              

    Each pendant is a unique light. These hanging lights are hand blown Murano glass with gold or silver plated fittings. They are designated as S, M, L, SP – small, medium, large, special. Each piece of blown glass is a unique object and the fittings are made to promote its beauty. Size and price will vary with the piece of blown glass. Height may be 7/8”-1-1/2” H, and diameter varies from 7/7” to 2-1/24”. You can hang them straight or use a long chain and swag them

     G-C-37-L – Many different shapes of Fabulous Venetian glass – hand made by the fabled glass blowers of Murano, Italy. These have more ornate canopies, shapes, patterns than G-C-37-S or G-C-37-M. Every piece is unique. Ask colors and metal finish to truly customize your piece. No two are exactly alike.

Price: 45.00