Victorian - 01e

Victorian – 01e

Victorian - 01e

G-S-01e –   Victorian                  1 light each sconce

        A sedate sconce with a delicate flower shade – There are a number of variations on this sconce. All have the lily shade surrounding the light. Most of them are available in bright gold/white shade or in antique gold/amber shade. Add the designator –AN at the end of the number for antique. Some have a Swarovski crystal hanging below or lustres surrounding the base of the light. They will be mentioned on the individual descriptions. 

See Victorian G-S-01a thru Victorian G-S-01i. Priced by the pair.      

    G-S-01e or G-S-01e–AN – A symmetrical openwork back plate – located equally above and below the light. A briolette hangs near the bottom of the back-plate.                    

 size: 1-5/8”h x 5/8”w – including crystal drop. 

Price: 50.00