G-S-13 –   Rustic         size: 1”h x 3/8”w              

          Available in Antique tin, wrought iron or copper finish, and two alternative candle holders – This sconce is equally at home in an Early American, Country or any other Rustic setting. These sconces match G-C-28 and G-C-29 chandeliers.                                   

    G-S-13A has a funnel-shaped candle dish with a simple metal band candle holder and is usually finished in Antique Tin or Copper.  Priced by the pair. $30.00

    G-S-13B has ribbed saucers with a ringed candle socket. These candle dishes are a bit fancier than G-S-13A and are usually finished in wrought iron.  Priced by the pair. $30.00

 Both of these variations are also available as G-S-13as and G-S-13bs which have shades on the candles.  Priced by the pair. $35.00

     G-S-13c  is a third variation which has a hurricane chimney over the candle  Priced by the pair. $40.00

     G-S-13g has globess over the lights as in a gas light.   Priced by the pair. $40.00